"CrossSearch Free" is now available in Android Market

Have you ever thought that you could search at many search engine site at once?
“CrossSearch” enables you to search at many sites such as Google, Bing, Twitter or Wikipedia by entering a keyword just one time. Also you can search in voice.

The paid-for version has a wider browsing area with no space for advertisement at the bottom. If you prefer no advertisement displayed, please use the paid-for version.

Here are the supported search engines:
  - Ask.com
  - Buidu
  - Bing
  - Blekko
  - Daum
  - Delicious
  - DuckDuckGo
  - Google
  - Google Images
  - Google News
  - Hatena Bookmark
  - Livedoor
  - Nate
  - Naver
  - Pinterest
  - Seznam
  - Sogou
  - Soso
  - Twitter
  - Weibo
  - Wikipedia
  - Yahoo!
  - Yahoo! Japan
  - Yandex
  - YouTube

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